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EXTERRA aims to solve all your termite problems.

All EXTERRA Authorized Operators have completed an in-depth training program and undertake on-going professional development as part of the EXTERRA Quality Care program. EXTERRA Stations are bar-coded to allow recording and tracking of their results by your Authorized Operator.

So you can rest assured the termites will be eliminated, year in, year out, for as long as you maintain your EXTERRA system.

UNIQUE, patented design is easy to maintain.

It's important that your baiting system can be inspected and that is why EXTERRA In-ground Stations are perfectly designed. The patented, open cavity design allows the interceptors lining its perimeter to be easily inspected without disturbing the termites.

This is not the case with other systems where interceptors are removed, thus disturbing the termites. Only EXTERRA Stations allow bait to be added without disrupting the termite colony.

The wood we use is a Treat for Termites.

Woodinterceptors are used in our large EXTERRA Stations simply because independent studies have shown that this wood is the most favoured by termites. If it seems like a good meal to termites they will hungrily enter the Station, which means they will be eliminated.

Many other monitoring stations use softwood or cardboard because they are much cheaper, but cheaper certainly doesn't mean better! Softwoods rot away sooner and are less palatable to termites. So where do the termites go? Not to a station with less favoured wood, no, they head to your home because it is more attractive. A further reason to use EXTERRA's large Stations and interceptors is that some termite species will not even contemplate eating softwood, so your home is totally exposed to these termite species.

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